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Description of the Mobile Banking

With new Mobile banking technology, By opening banking/financial services to the mobile channel, banks increase the user satisfaction with continuous services offered by banks. Customers can also save their time without visiting the bank/financial institute. Mobile handsets can also be used for payment of services and utility bills. This is a very useful service where the transfer is automated from the subscriber’s account towards the service provider’s account. This kind of 24/7 service access increases user satisfaction and user loyalty.


To deploy Mobile banking services, banks and financial institutions require the best and most advanced technology, bringing superior service to their subscribers:

· Secured access for secured transactions
· Maintaining logs of transactions for all activities
· Open platform for interconnection to the bank network
· Multi-channel service: using SMS, USSD as well as IVR.

Mobile Banking Channels

Our solutions for Mobile Banking and Mobile Finance uses innovative technology: USSD for interactive, secured and fast menu based service. A text-based menu such as: ”Press 1 for account balance, press 2 for Statement, press 3 for last transaction…etc.”. Our technology does not require necessarily smartphone but is compatible with any mobile phone including very basic ones. Other than USSD, We can also provide other access alternative such as SMS or IVR.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is an alternative and easy way of typical banking, customer does not need to visit his branch, he can use his mobile to make transactions, pay bills and can perform other operations e.g balance check, statement, last transaction..etc…

Mobile Payment

A key feature of Mobile finance is mobile payment. Customer can pay his utility bills, purchase goods. Our MMP product allows it all, through different channels. MMP triggers the transfer of the amount from user’s account to the merchant’s account. System will also send the notification to both parties and main the log of all activities.

Money Transfer

Another major feature of mobile banking is Money transfer. One customer can send money from/to other countries/cities. System can configure the currency convert rate and Sender/receiver will get SMS intimation.

Mobile Wallet / E-Wallet

Mobile virtual wallet is an account which works in prepaid mode only. Its not necessary to have bank account with bank. This system is specifically designed for the non-bank customers. Virtual Wallet module is a complete virtual account management system, Users can manage their account through USSD secured connection for checking their balance, make transfers to another virtual account, pay utility bills, can get a payment voucher for some merchants, take out cash, put-in cash, get account statement…etc.














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